Scenic Flight - Bodø With Surroundings

Sightseeing from the air is the perfect adventure for visitors who want to make the most of their visit to Northern Norway. You can capture unforgettable photos from your bird’s-eye view of Northern Norway.

2018-04-0914:18 Silje Raymondsdatter

Option no. 1: Bodø North

Capacity: Max. 5 people. Minimum 3 persons.

Duration: 20 – 30 min.

Route description: Breathtaking and scenic route northeast of Bodø. We will fly in between majestic mountains, narrow fjords and secluded lakes on the edge of Sjunkhatten national park. Heggmotind, Heggmovatnet, Mistfjorden are points of interest on this trip.

Highlights: Kjerringøy, fjords, jagged peaks, Sjunkhatten National park.

We will also fly past the historic Kjerringøy trading post. The end of the tour will take us past the north side of Bodø city with a good view of the port and “skyline” of Bodø city.

Option no. 2: Bodø South

Capacity: Max 5 people. Minimum 3 persons.

Duration: 20 – 30 min.

Route description: Scenic route to the south of Bodø. Børvasstindane mountain ridge, fjords, jagged peaks, Saltstraumen.Highlights: Børvasstindane mountain ridge, fjords, jagged peaks, Saltstraumen.

This route will take you southbound over Saltenfjorden, into narrow fjords, in between jagged peaks and into the scenic area around Børvasstindan mountains, the signature mountains visible to the south of Bodø.

The end of the ride takes us through the Åseli valley in between the Børvasstindan and over Saltstraumen, the worlds strongest tidal current.

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